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Release Notes: 11/13/23

The Highlights:

  • Recent RevIQ Features
  • Recent InsurIQ Features

Recent RevIQ Features

The recent release of our RevIQ tools allows you to seamlessly track and manage your operations’ crop revenue on a single view. Manage your customers’ profitability with real-time data.

Wedbush FCM Integration

Reduce the need for additional web pages and focus your attention on one view with RevIQ’s new Wedbush FCM integration! This feature also allows you to see your gain/loss by crop and crop year instead of YTD. 

Open Position Report

With our recent update, we’ve included an Open Positions Report. This view brings key data about your customers’ ongoing trades directly to your fingertips, including the percentage of crops hedged, trade dates, instrument type, strike price, trade price, gain/loss, and more! Eliminate the need to search for different reports – all the information you need is consolidated into a single view.

Scheduling Report Emails

Now, you can track and manage your customers’ profitability using real-time data and positions with regular admin reports. These reports deliver information directly to your inbox so you can stay up-to-date on the market and help your customers make more informed marketing decisions based on recent market changes. Reach out to to get started!  

Show Bid/Ask/Volume When Trading Options

RevIQ now allows you to view Bid/Ask/Volume when trading options, so you can help your customers make the best marketing decisions based on predicted movements in stock prices. Review real-time data directly within our platform to inform your marketing strategy.

Recent InsureIQ Features

The recent updates to the HarvestIQ livestock insurance portal put your branding front and center, making connecting your customers with LRP easier than ever. 

Ability to White Label For Agencies

Create a personalized customer experience and showcase your brand on the HarvestIQ portal with our white-labeling solutions. Strengthen your brand identity without having to create your own software. 

Access to LRP Quotes Without Logging In

Now, you and your customers can calculate a quote for LRP without logging into the HarvestIQ portal. Easily input your customers’ information and view the latest LRP positions anywhere, anytime. When you’re ready to order, just log in! 

Upcoming Releases

With our upcoming features, you can track and manage your customers’ livestock revenue using marked-to-market data. Expand your offerings to livestock producers and reduce the manual input by viewing real-time positions on a single view. 

Livestock Profitability Tools

RevIQ is excited to bring livestock profitability tools in an upcoming release. Manage your livestock operations’ revenue to visualize risk and inform your next marketing decisions.  

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Track and manage your customers’ profitability with HarvestIQ’s new Wedbush FCM integrations! This new feature lets you see your operations’ gain/loss by crop and crop year instead of YTD. Get started today by visiting

HarvestIQ allows you to schedule report emails to easily track and manage your customers’ profitability with real-time marked-to-market data and positions. Customize a schedule that works best for you, and get ahead of the market by starting at today.

We’ve updated our RevIQ profitability tools with an Open Positions report! Seamlessly visualize your operations’ risk by tracking ongoing trades today with HarvestIQ.

Bring your brand front and center with HarvestIQ’s white labeling features for agencies. Create a personalized customer experience and strengthen your brand identity without creating your own risk management software. Learn more at

When you use the InsureIQ livestock insurance portal, you and your customers can calculate LRP quotes without logging into your account. Easily access LRP quotes anywhere, anytime, with the latest update! Try it out today.

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