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Release Notes: 05/31/22

Platform Highlights

My Positions

Original Delta

Last release, we added a column for a position’s Current Delta. In this release, we’re adding a column for a position’s Original Delta

Not seeing your position’s original Delta? A position’s original delta will only display for positions imported with an FCM integration.

Hedged Bushel & Hedged Bushels Changed Column

Building off the previous note, now that we display a position’s original and current delta, we’ve also added columns to show a position’s Hedged Bushels today and how the Hedged Bushels Changed since entering the position.

Consolidated Summary Header

The new consolidated summary ensures the following data points stay top of mind (from left to right)

  1. Percent Hedged – This is the sum of Hedged Bushels across your various positions divided by yield

2. Hedged Bushels – The simple sum of Hedged Bushels across your various positions

3. Sold Bushels – Sold or contracted physical bushels pulled from the Cash Sales page

4. Unsold Bushels – Again, pulled from the Cash Sales page

5. Un-Realized Net Gain/Loss – Sum of open Gain/Loss across futures, options, and combined strategies.


FCM Sync Timestamp

Curious why a recent position doesn’t appear in Farmers Risk? We now display when we last synced with your FCM.

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